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Responsible leadership

The most popular speeches and lectures about leadership from Heltti's experts

An organization where “the life of the leadership” is in balance, can offer and produce wellbeing comprehensively. Based on research, leadership plays a big part on people’s workplace well-being and work ability. Therefore, the way you lead and manage has a huge impact on the people around you.

The insightful talks and lectures of Heltti’s experienced organizational developers, psychologists and lisenced business coaches on the versatile themes of leadership provoke discussion and help to look at leadership through new lenses.



Leadership is evolving

The ways of doing work are changing – leadership has to change with it

Changing the ways we view leadership

Working life and leadership are in transition and there is a lot of talk about leadership at the moment. Challenging and uncertain times have changed our working methods and our perception of working life. Leadership needs to be led, and leadership needs an organization around it, which with its ability to renew itself and its culture enables the success of leadership.

  • How to build leadership in an organization without managers?
  • With great responsibility comes great stress – how to keep decision makers healthy?
  • Wise leadership – where does it come from, how is it created?

Heltti’s experts’ inspiring speeches and lectures touch on the topics of leadership in an insightful and activating way.



Insightful speeches and activating lectures

Deep dive into leadership

Inspiring and stimulating speeches and keynotes

  • As an opener of thoughts and to speed up discussions 
  • For work place wellness days, seminars, events and strategy days
  • Boards, executives, management teams, all personnel, themed groups etc.
  • Duration from 20 min to 1 h
  • Can include an activating part: e.g. facilitation

Lectures and Key Note Speeches

  • Speeches and lectures to increase knowledge and understanding on chosen topics
  • For different target groups, such as supervisors or certain professional groups – or for the entire staff
  • Duration: 45min – 2h 
  • Include activating exercises or “homework” according to what we’ve agreed on

Lectures and speeches about Leadership

Lectures and talks:

  • Leading by Coaching
  • Work Ability Management – best practices
  • Supporting your employees in change- and crisis situations

Speeches and Key Notes:

  • Every day Work Ability Management
  • Executive team dynamics
  • Change Management / Managing Change

For whom?

What kind of audience are our speeches suitable for?

Lectures, trainings and speeches for supervisors, managers and HR

Heltti’s leadership talks and trainings are excellent for anyone working in some kind of managerial / leadership role.

You can now order one of our experts to speak at various board and executive meetings, strategy and wellness days, and events. These speeches and lectures work perfectly for awakening thoughts and stimulating discussion.

Let us know whether you’d like to organize the lecture remotely as a webinar, or on-site at your office or in a different location.


Popular, inspiring speakers

Get to know some of our most inspiring speakers!

Heltti’s experts are popular lecturers and brilliant keynote speakers who have shined with their views and know-how in the media as well.

In addition to their professional skills, our speakers take over the room through humor, creating a safe atmosphere that supports the exchange of ideas.

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