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Book a Heltti occupational psychologist, physiotherapist or a nutritionist to boost wellbeing at your workplace. Our experts speak on a topic of your choice to inform and inspire your staff. Our wellbeing services are designed to support your HR team. The lectures can be organized at your premises or remotely. Meet our experts!


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Occupational psychologist, Psy. M., Certified business coach

Tanja Lappi

Tanja is one of Heltti’s founders and worked in various roles at Heltti including as a coach and occupational psychologist. She has a versatile background in HR and occupational health care with deep knowledge from working with different roles from grass-root to top management. Throughout her career, she has been a pioneer in developing future-proof services, processes and technologies for the healthcare field. Brain ergonomics and sleep are her passion and topics of continuous learning. Tanja is a popular speaker and isn’t afraid to challenge her audience.


Most popular topics:

Work capacity management 
How to build a model for work capacity management in an organization. Ensuring skills of top management, HR and superiors and their active use of the model.

Shockproofing top management
Self-knowledge, power of thought, sense of control and increasing feelings of success.

KonMaring your work
How do I spend my time at work, what is my role in relation to others, where does work come from and where does it go  – what should I do differently?


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Occupational psychologist, Psy. M., work coach, organizational consultant

Mari Laari

Mari has worked in occupational health and wellbeing since 2012. She has experience from a wide variety of organizations and development and  training projects both on employee and managerial level. At Heltti Mari works as an occupational psychologist, account manager and wellbeing coach. She sees that supporting people in managerial positions is key to the wellbeing of employees and entire work communities. A good cooperation with HR creates magnificent work environments where people do meaningful work.


Most popular topics:

Early support model
How can a supervisor see what causes overload to their team members, what are the signs of burnout and how to balance your resources.

Best ways to organize work and recharge from it.

Brain ergonomics
How to have energy left for free time after work?


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Other experts and topics

Our other experts, psychologists, physiotherapists and nutritionists are also happy to give a lecture and coach your staff. You can choose one of these topics or tailor a lecture to meet your specific needs:

  • Sleep and recovery
  • Job crafting
  • More energy with the help of nutrition
  • Weight management and losing weight
  • Physical activity and body care


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Heltti's coaching services

Work Coach

Book a Work Coach to talk to your staff in your office or remotely. Work Coach helps to crystallize and reach personal and work-related goals. Coaching can be a useful tool to control your work, develop your self-management skills, find a more brain-ergonomic way to work or help solve difficult situations. A coach helps your employees find ways to increase their overall wellbeing and productivity. At Heltti, our Work Coaches are our occupational and organizational psychologists with business acumen.

Customer Wellbeing Coach

Choose a Customer Wellbeing Coach when your company needs a boost in strategic management of your employees’ wellbeing. The main task of a Customer Wellbeing Coach is to work together with your HR in managing the work ability and wellbeing of your employees, setting targets, planning interventions and following results. Our coaches are our occupational and organizational psychologists with business acumen. Now is the perfect time to start promoting wellbeing at your company!

Small group coaching

Coaching a small group offers a possibility to dig deeper into different aspects of wellbeing. We also have the group set targets, perform exercises and measure the before and after state. One of the most popular groups is about sleep. In a peer group, we dive into both reasons and solutions for bad sleep, waking up during the night, trouble falling asleep and other sleep problems. Heltti’s sleep group coaching is always tailored to your company’s needs.

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