Executive Therapy

Improved overall workplace well-being

Manager’s job has never been easy – at least it hasn’t gotten any easier recently. Managers are used to constantly crossing themselves and their limits in pressured situations, guiding other people, managing the business, and also making all those difficult decisions.

At the same time, we know from studies that too much or prolonged pressure is a genuine health risk.

Burnout shouldn’t be a part of any job description. Manager positions are not an exception. Providing therapy for managers should be a part of the employment benefits.


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The Manager is also a human

A leader is also a person who has the same head at home and at work. Pressures at home are reflected at work and vice versa. Huge expectations are placed on managers, but the avenues for reflection and unloading are often missing. In the manager’s work, it would be especially important to ensure time and place for reflection, grounding the mind and developing recovery skills. Not only the personnel, but also the business and the person behind the leadership role benefit from a prosperous leader.


Discussion support for those working in demanding management positions

Leadership therapy is conversational support especially aimed at those working in demanding management positions, and conversational help offered by Finland’s best and most experienced therapists for the knots of work and other everyday life – as well as their prevention. Our management therapy is based on the cognitive analytical (KAT) trend, where we look at our built-in interaction and behavior patterns, become more aware of them, and through this we renew our own behavior patterns and strengthen our already functioning habits. 



A deep understanding of the role of leadership, business and therapy work - with trust

Leadership therapy can be, for example, regularly recurring meetings with an expert specializing in leadership therapy or, for example, 5-20 sessions. Leadership therapy requires a deep understanding of the role of leadership, business and therapy work. Our experts who offer management therapies are the best experts in Finland, who have worked as trusted persons for managers for years and thus also understand the boundary conditions that business brings with it. You can trust that you will get the best service in the industry from us – with confidence.

You can offer leadership therapies to individual managers in your organization or buy, for example, a certain number of leadership therapies for the use of your executives. Of course, you can also apply for leadership therapy as an individual, read more about it here.



When and who?

Seek help before the crisis

Leadership therapy should be enabled especially in these situations:

  • when a person starts in a new position
  • when a person experiences constant cross-pressure as a leader (for example, leading in uncertain times, major changes in the organization)
  • when a person feels inadequacy as a leader in coordinating work, the rest of everyday life and their own well-being
  • the manager or the organization notices that the manager’s enthusiasm for work has dropped from the typical level
  • when the leader has other big changes in their life

. Heltti is a pioneer of leader therapy. Leadership therapy is offered by, for example:

  • Katri Kanninen,
    psychotherapist, PhD in psychology, work supervisor and information writer, respected developer and trainer of short therapeutic work excerpt
  • Leena Särkelä,
    PsL, specialist psychologist in psychotherapy, training psychotherapist and business director of Koulutustalo
  • Terhi Mets, Psychologist, work supervisor, Specialist work and organizational psychologist (PsL)
  • Liisa Lempinen, PsM, Psychologist and BBA

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