Leadership Growth Programs

Capabilities to lead individuals and work communities

Leadership and the role of leaders, managers and teams leads are in a transformation. Leadership coaching programs ensure that leaders and supervisors have the skills to lead a change in work.

Heltti’s Leadership Growth Programs enable deep diving into one’s own leadership through coaching leadership, dialogic leadership, and self-awareness.


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Why do we need to develop and improve leadership?

Pure self-direction is the myth of our time. We as humans AND as individuals need each other for reflection and support. The work world is changing and it increases the need for dialogue and more “coaching approached” leadership. Expertize thrives in an organization that strengthens ownership and co-direction.

It is important to approach leadership strengthening from a systemic perspective:

  • It is important to ensure the capacity to lead both individuals and work communities.
  • Leadership and leadership services need to evolve at all levels – from a team leader to a CEO, we all need a mirror and a spar especially now.
  • The challenge and workload of expert work must be offset by the possibility of ‘mirroring’.

What exactly are Leadership Growth Programs?

Leadership Growth Programs benefit individuals in their leadership role, as well as teams and work communities.

  • Process: In order to develop sustainably, a person needs a journey of a certain length, which includes practice, applying the lessons learned to everyday life and, in dialogue with one’s own team, reforming ways of working. In order to have a sustainable basis for renewal, it is important to involve key stakeholders at different levels and thus create a systemic movement for development.
  • Expanding Self-Knowledge: Growth programs are driven by our experienced organizational psychologists. Our diverse experience in the phenomena of working life and management, as well as our expertise in expanding our self-awareness, is something that our customers greatly appreciate in our cooperation. To help expand our self-knowledge, we utilize various inventories (e.g. WorkplaceBigFive, WorkofLeaders), the Mapping visualization tool, and other tools and lessons for both dialogical organizational development and therapeutic work.
  • Experiments and micro-acts: Old, past practices are often strict. Breaking them requires micro-acts, low-threshold experiments, and many repetitions. It is important to involve our own team and key stakeholders in policy reform. Rarely does a person or organization innovate sustainably in their own bubble. Creating a movement and highlighting even the smallest effects will generate new energy for renewal.
  • Different forms of learning: The most significant change is made in everyday life. It is important to make room for everyday learning and to apply what we have learned together and to underline its importance. In learning events that take place together, we vary the work of large groups and small groups. In general, a lot of information already exists in people. Often they need time to stop, deepen common understanding through discussions, and practice. Our coaching programs include a lot of practical training together with a demo and training and training in small groups.

Why to work with us?

MWe believe that self-awareness is at the heart of leadership development and leadership development. We are an experienced, innovative and influential partner in leadership development.

Self-Knowledge: The better you know yourself and manage to regulate and develop your ‘dark’ sides, the better you will succeed in the leadership role.

Dialogic Leadership: The best results are achieved by researching together, consulting others, seeking views, empowering, and showing appreciation.

Support for progress: One of the most important motivators in expert work is the feeling of progress, and one of the most important factors for a supervisor is to ensure this. The folk disease of the experts of our time is an experience of inadequacy. It is therefore important to discuss direction and goals together, to monitor progress together and to ensure a sufficient experience.

Our customers

“This Leadership Program opened people’s eyes, what true leadership is and how to inspire and increase positive energy amongst team members. The
importance of positivity, encouraging feedback and dialogue were some key
outcomes from this program to me.”

“During the journey we were also able to disrupt some limiting beliefs, enhanced trust in ourselves and between us. In the workshops our people were able to be open and show their vulnerable side as well.

Management Team members, Traplight Games


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