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Heltti’s unique model turns occupational health care
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Supporting the wellbeing of your employees
is what sets you apart from your competition.
Winners of the future are employers and leaders
who choose to actively promote employee wellbeing.


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We are part of your company’s HR team

  • In Heltti’s service model, we integrate the wellbeing expertise of our organisational psychologists to your HR team. Active weekly communication between our health team and your HR is key to successful cooperation.
  • A low threshold to contact your Heltti team directly. Work coach support channels for HR and managers guarantee early intervention.
  • Measurable impact through common short and long-term goals and reporting that focuses on early detection of work ability risks.
  • Comprehensive remote services free our time to see you staff more in person. We want to be seen and heard at your workplace in meetings, popup consultations and events.

Medical care that makes a difference

  • Comprehensive fixed-fee medical care of which over 75% can be handled remotely.
  • Active health care guidance focused on the challenges of knowledge work. Typically with our model, the number of visits to the doctor decreases by 55-65% and the share of your health care costs for medical care declines to about 35% whereas preventive care rises to 65%.
  • For on-location medical care visits, you can access Heltti’s clinics and the extensive network of our clinic partners.
  • Our processes and customer-centric operating models are integrated with several medical insurances.

Experts in knowledge work

Most of today’s work is done with heads, not hands

  • Extensive services that are tailored to you with the help of data instead of “one size fits all” thinking.
  • Yearly online health surveys and targeted physical examinations are integrated into our basic service model.
  • Automatic alerts based on data allow for proactive and preventive early intervention support for employees and their managers.
  • Support services for mental health and work-related stress are easily accessible at Heltti. Based on our data, the use of psychologists increases by 300-400% after a company moves from traditional health care to Heltti.

Our values and culture are unique to the industry

  • Heltti is 100% Finnish, owned by its employees and Finnish private investors (Paulig family and First Fellow Partners by Risto Siilasmaa)
  • We take care of over 1000 companies in Helsinki, Espoo, Turku, Tampere and Oulu.
  • Heltti has turned the traditional health care model upside down and built a new model for modern knowledge work.

Our customers

Heltti serves over 1000 companies around Finland


Our customers

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