Heltti’s Peace-of-Mind services

Easy-access support for the mental wellbeing of knowledge workers

Exceptional situations increase people’s mental load and challenge us in new ways. Many experience new emotions and would like an easy-access support for stressful situations and mental health challenges. People may want help with organizing their work and remote working conditions, family life suffers and their team wants new support methods. Heltti’s Peace-of-Mind services are designed to fit this purpose and are an additional service to occupational health care services.


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Peace-of-Mind workshops tailored to your company

Heltti can organize interactive virtual workshops to your needs to help your employees deal with emotions caused by a crisis. The workshop also helps them to adopt new ways of working and thinking. The topics are, among others, brain ergonomics and coping with stress when working remotely, handling difficult emotions and anxiety, sticking to daily routines, tolerating uncertainty and maintaining mental health. The workshops are run by Heltti’s occupational psychologists.


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Peace-of-Mind help desk and support

Heltti’s dedicated Peace-of-Mind help desk (HuoliLinja) is an easy-access support system for employees, which allows them to talk to a professional about any concerns they have about work, health, family and wellbeing. The professionals are Heltti nurses and psychologists, specializing in the mental challenges of knowledge workers. Employees can contact the help desk without a referral or visiting a doctor.


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Mental Toolkit:
wellbeing library and digital training

Heltti’s Mental Toolkit is a database of over 60 articles, videos and digital training modules to support individuals as well as top management and supervisors in their work.

The database is divided into 6 different sections: work and brain ergonomics, sleep, movement, mind, nutrition and management & work culture. Most materials are in English, but we regularly add to the English materials.


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Pop-up appointments with WorkCoach and work physiotherapist remotely or at your workplace

Heltti’s WorkCoaches (occupational psychologists) can organize easy-access Peace-of-Mind sessions at your premises or remotely. The pop-up appointments are available for anyone from employees to management to discuss the challenges they are experiencing. Typically the pop-up visits are 2-3 hours at a time.

Pop-up appointments with physiotherapists can be organized remotely. Your employees can get help on remote work and its effects on your physical wellbeing.


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Peace-of-Mind services for your employees

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