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Order a fixed-priced, specialized occupational health service for knowledge work from our online store.

Occupational health

Beginner -package

When you start hiring your first employees in the company, you need to have a starting point. The Beginner Package is suitable when you need to fulfill legal obligations and want a partner who is Finnish and personal.

You can always expand the service later when the timing is right.

Price: €30/month/employee. Price before occupational health care reimbursement from Kela.


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Occupational health

Caretaker -package

When you want your employees to have easy access to healthcare when needed, regardless of time and location, and they don’t have to spend valuable working hours waiting for treatment.

The Caretaker Package is a smart choice – the faster the treatment, the faster they can return to work in good health.

Price: €45/month/employee. Price before occupational health care reimbursement from Kela.


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Occupational health

Precursor -package

When you want to proactively invest in the well-being and maintenance of good workability of your employees. You want to ensure that you have expertise in managing well-being and an expert partner to support you.

In the Precursor Package, we lead with you in managing the well-being of your employees and take proactive measures together.

Price: €55/month/employee. Price before occupational health care reimbursement from Kela.


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Occupational health

Entrepreneur’s Healthcare

Heltti’s modern work healthcare, healthcare, and well-being services for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers support your everyday life – we take care of you both when you are healthy and when illness strikes.

Heltti’s Entrepreneur’s Healthcare is a good choice for you when you want to have access to the assistance of healthcare professionals with a fixed monthly fee, as well as healthcare and health promotion services billed according to usage at Heltti and in our partner network.

Price: €34/month.

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Order Heltti's most popular lectures and presentations

We turned our most popular presentations and keynote-speeches into on-demand lectures, which you can now conveniently order from our online store with just a few clicks.

Place your order in the online store. We will contact you to discuss the details of the service, including scheduling and implementation.

Our experts deliver hundreds of presentations, lectures, and training sessions every year. Contact us at anni.tuominen@heltti.fi when you want a customized lecture for your event.

  • Duration: 1 hour/lecture
  • Price includes: remote lecture at your preferred time, recording of the lecture, and lecture materials
  • Language: Finnish or English
  • No participant limit
  • Price: 1200 € / lecture
  • Lecturers are organizational and occupational psychologists from Heltti.

Signs of strain

– Recognising the signs and addressing them

Resources and strain are highly individual, and each person reacts differently to stress. Can signs of strain be detected even when everything is still going well?

During this lecture, you will learn:

  • How to monitor your own well-being?
  • What are the typical signs of a balance between resources and strain?
  • How can you reduce strain and increase resources?

Lecturers: Mari Laari, Tanja Lappi, Samuli Shintami sekä muut työterveyspsykologimme

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Zero burnout

–Lecture on managing well-being for the entire staff

The most common “work accident” and threat to work ability among knowledge workers is burnout. Is #zeroburnout a utopia or a realistic goal?

During this thought-provoking lecture, we will discuss work ability management and emphasize that maintaining work ability is not only an individual’s responsibility but a collective effort of the entire workplace!

Good work ability and well-being involve a balance between an employee’s resources, job demands and opportunities, and external factors outside of work. Clarity about one’s role, responsibilities, and goals also contribute to supporting work ability.

The lecturer: Tanja Lappi

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Emotional Skills and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

– Training for the entire staff

Emotional skills are one of the most important skills in today’s work life. These skills help in expressing and regulating one’s own emotions, recognizing personal needs, responding assertively when boundaries are about to be crossed, building effective relationships, and creating a fulfilling life. Without functional emotional skills, you may find yourself imprisoned by your own emotions.

You will learn to observe, interpret, and manage your emotions in various work-related situations.

Topics covered in this lecture include:

  • What are emotional skills?
  • How to recognize and express different emotions?
  • How different emotions feel in the body?
  • The benefits of emotional skills in the workplace.
  • The Lecturer:Tuuli Viranta

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Leading resilience

– A lecture for supervisors

Enhance the skills of supervisors in managing well-being and resilience.

  • How is well-being managed in practice?
  • What elements affect individuals’ well-being at work?
  • What role do supervisors play in supporting well-being at work?
  • How can supervisors enable their teams to experience success and care?
  • What are some everyday examples?

Managing well-being can have an impact on work performance, motivation, flourishing, and employer reputation. In addition, effective well-being management can contribute to risk management and cost control related to disability.

Lecturers: Tanja Lappi, Mari Laari ja muut Heltin työterveyspsykologit

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Optimizing alertness and recovery

A lecture that provides energy and vitality for workdays, along with practical tips!

If your alertness is not in good condition, productivity becomes challenging. Throughout the day, our ability to focus and our alertness levels fluctuate significantly. Each of us experiences moments during the day when work is easier to start, problem-solving becomes effortless, and maintaining focus on a single task is easy.

During this lecture, you will:

  • Learn to recognize states of underarousal and overarousal, as well as the optimal level of alertness.
  • Gain knowledge about regulating alertness and factors that can impact your own level of alertness.
  • Receive concrete tips and examples from the trainer on managing and optimizing your alertness.

The lecturer: Mari Laari

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How to Lead Psychological Safety

What is psychological safety, and how does its presence or absence affect our work? We live in a VUCA world, where instability, ambiguity, and uncertainty are part of our everyday lives. In such circumstances, the importance of psychological safety is emphasized even more.

During this lecture, our organizational psychologist will introduce you to the concept of psychological safety and demonstrate its benefits and how it can be enhanced in workplaces through practical examples.

Topics covered in the lecture:: 

  • What is psychological safety?
  • Why is psychological safety important?
  • How is psychological safety created and maintained in the workplace?

Lecturers: Kokeneet organisaatiopsykologimme Sini Lindholm, Hanna Rainio tai Tuuli Viranta

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Order Individual Mental health Services

We will contact you to discuss the details of the service, including scheduling and implementation.

Mental Health Services – Individual

In-house Coach / Psychologist

An in-house psychologist provides on-site employee counseling at your workplace. On the other hand, an in-house coach offers not only counseling support but also specializes in providing coaching and guidance specifically related to leadership. The coach provides guidance and support to supervisors and team leaders and can also assist in challenging situations or consult on conflicts as needed.

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Mental Health Services – Individual

Mindy mindcare

Low-threshold counseling support in various life situations with an experienced mental health professional. Four impactful sessions based on a short-term therapeutic approach, where the focus is on addressing mental challenges and seeking practical solutions. These visits do not result in entries in the national electronic health record system (Kanta).

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Mental Health Services – Individual

Short-term therapy

Short-term therapy is a scientifically proven and supportive treatment approach for employees experiencing various forms of distress, stress, anxiety, or crisis situations. Heltti’s short-term therapy is provided by licensed psychologists and healthcare professionals who have received additional training in short-term therapeutic methods.

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Order group-based mental health services for workplaces

After ordering the service from our online store, we will contact you to discuss the schedule and implementation of the service in more detail.

Mental Health Services – Groups

Training in self-leadership of the mind

The focus, quality of thinking work, and brain well-being of working-age individuals, especially knowledge workers, are often at risk in daily life. These challenges also increase the risk of reduced work ability, insomnia, and sick leave. The training in self-leadership of the mind is designed to counteract these specific threats.

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Mental Health Services – Groups

Balance group for the overwhelmed

The balance group is aimed at individuals who have noticed challenges with their well-being. It provides tools and resources to support their daily lives. The goal of the balance group is sustainable renewal of thinking and behavioral patterns through the guidance of an experienced organizational psychologist and peer support.


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Mental Health Services – Groups

The most popular lectures and webinars

Thematic lectures and webinars are designed for the entire work community to support mental well-being and resilience. The lectures can be conducted either as online webinars or in-person at your workplace. The speeches cover important topics relevant to the work environment, such as self-leadership, resilience, and supporting mental well-being.


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Order support services for supervisors and management in the workplace

After ordering the service from our online store, we will contact you to discuss the details of the service schedule and implementation.

Mental health services – Supervisors and leaders

Mindy mindcare for supervisors

Mindy Leadership Support -training packages are designed for supervisors, team leaders, and individuals working in various leadership positions. The training packages combine coaching and education, making them suitable for different situations, including those who are just starting out as supervisors. The packages are designed thematically, allowing you to choose the one that is most suitable for the situation of the participant being trained.

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Mental health services – Supervisors and leaders

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is intended for reflecting on one’s thinking and ways of operating, and for supporting leadership development. An external coach helps expand thinking, clarify different perspectives, and serves as a sounding board in challenging situations.

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