Heltti Membership Benefits

Discounts on wellbeing

As a Heltti Member you can take advantage of the Membership Benefits provided by our wellbeing partners. You get both free trials and 5-60 % discounts on a wide variety of qualified products and services. The benefits that we have chosen aim to support your everyday wellbeing and health. We are continuously launching new partnerships and membership benefits, so stay tuned!


Dental checkup 40€

How long has it been since your last visit to a dentist? At Megaklinikka you can affordably discover the current state of your oral health. Our operating model is based on modern enterprise resource planning, enabling us to tailor each day’s flow of patients to individual care needs. Treating all of your problems at once will avoid awkward repeat visits and save you time.

As a Heltti member you’ll get a dental checkup for 40€ after Kela reimbursement. If you’re not entitled to Kela reimbursement, the price of the checkup is 55,50€.

Get the promotion code by logging in to MyHeltti and book your appointment easily online at megaklinikka.fi




Negen 360 gene test 296,65€

As a Heltti member, you get 15 % discount on Negen 360 gene test. The analysis of genetic risk and lifestyle risk is created together with Finnish THL. The gene analysis contains diabetes analysis, coronary heart disease analysis along with a test panel of rare hereditary diseases, predisposition to obesity, lipids and blood pressure.  You get personal analysis on results and if you want, Heltti’s support to prevent the risks. Your genetic data stays safe with Negen, only you decide how do you want to use your data.

Get your discount code by logging in to MyHeltti and claim your gene test at Negen’s online store.


Garmin wearables -20 %

As a Heltti Member you get 20 % discount of selected Garmin wearables. You can use the cooperation discount for Forerunner 35 running watches, Fenix 5 series smart watches as well as vivosmart 3vivosport, vivoactive 3 and vivomore HR activity bands. You may use the discount by logging in to MyHeltti and claim your favourite wearable at Garmin’s online store exclusively made for Heltti Members.


3 months 99 € + free PT session

Begin a new life at Fressi Gym or let a Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist help you with getting started. You’ll find Fressi in all Heltti locations: Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. A three month training period is provided for only 99 € (normally 237 €) and if you continue you’ll get -5 € discount every month. You’ll find the promotions by logging in to MyHeltti

Rela Massage

3 x 50 min massage 135 €

Get rid of all tension and claim your 25 % discount on a three-time massage package à 50 min. Rela Massage is located in Helsinki and Tampere. Log in to MyHeltti to get the code and claim your 3x-massage-card at Rela’s reception. You can choose from classic or sports massage according to your needs.




Free eye examination and discounts

  • Free eye examination
  • Spectacles -25 %
  • Contact lenses -10 %
  • Sun glasses -15 %
  • Eye laser surgery -500 € per eye

All discounts consider both Heltti Members and their families. Get the promotion code by logging in to MyHeltti and claim the discount by showing the code at one of Silmäasema’s stores.



Physiotherapy -5 %

As a Heltti Member you’ll get a 5 % discount on Fysios’s services in all Heltti locations: Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. The discount is not applicable for physiotherapy with referral, as it is compensated by Kela. In addition to physiotherapy you can use the benefit for lymfa therapy, naprapathy and acupuncture. Claim the discount by filling in the promotion code when booking your session online. You’ll find the code by logging in to MyHeltti


Organic nuts and treats -15 %

Nutly’s organic nuts and treats are 100 % pure and tasty brainfood for busy knowledge workers. Hand packed in Finland, the Nutly products varying from nuts, seeds, dried fruits and berries, give you the best kind of energy at home and office. Make your order at Nutlys webstore by using the promotion code that you’ll get by logging in to MyHeltti.



First month for free

Get started with yoga in your living room – you might get hooked on the easiness and fun. The practices are available in English and Finnish. In addition to different yoga practices you’ll also find body weight training, pilates and mindfulness – both live and as recordings. Register to Yogaia, choose the 1 month membership and claim your promotion code. You’ll get the code by logging in to MyHeltti.

The code is only for new members and expires 31.12.2018. The membership continues automatically 19,99 € / month if the service will not be canceled before the next billing date.



Parenting courses -10 %

FamilyBoost’s online parenting courses are developed by licensed psychologists. The courses are currently only available in Finnish. Choose a 4- or 8-week course that fits your parenting needs, whether you wish to boost your well-being as a parent, your parenting skills and positive interaction with your children, or help your child learn emotion regulation. The courses include the course material with exercises, psychologist’s support during the course, and peer support through a private Facebook-group. The courses cost either 45 € or 99 € that you get 10 % discount of.

Claim the discount by filling in the promotion code when signing up. You’ll find the code by logging in to MyHeltti


Lifted LIFESTYLE -34 %

Improve your health and wellbeing in Lifted’s online coaching program. Currently the program is only available in Finnish. Lifted’s online coaching programs help you to create long-lasting results by supporting you to take action and create new positive habits. Lifted Method focuses on nutrition, movement, mind, recovery & stress management and social. This holistic approach and coaching methods support you manage your own wellbeing effectively and simply. Heltti members get Lifted LIFESTYLE (4-week program) for 49,90€ (instead of 76€).

Claim the discount using the promotion code when signing up at lifted.fi/lifestyle. You’ll find the code by logging in to MyHeltti.

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