How does Heltti's occupational healthcare work?

Healthcare independent of time and place

Our healthcare concept is built purely from the perspective of our customers and members, to support modern, time- and location-independent thinking and knowledge work. We offer high-quality healthcare services wherever your employees are.

The majority of matters are resolved during the first remote contact – your employees receive prompt assistance. When live consultations are needed, your employees can schedule appointments directly with the appropriate specialist, thus avoiding unnecessary visits. Consultations are conducted in our Heltti locations throughout Finland, as well as in the medical centers of our partners Aava and Mehiläinen.


Caring, responsible, and impactful

An impactful, uncomplicated, and responsible operating model is at the core of all our healthcare services.

Here at Heltti, we always examine the employee’s situation comprehensively, taking their work ability into account as well. This means that we not only treat obvious symptoms reported by the client but also strive to address the root causes.

  • The appropriate care path for each situation: guidance to an in-person or remote appointment, examinations, or procedures
  • Strong focus on work ability in healthcare
  • Utilization of remote healthcare when possible
  • Directing individuals to the right professional (doctor, nurse, psychologist, physiotherapist)
  • Reducing the threshold for contacting us
  • Comprehensive network of healthcare partners in addition to Heltti centers – flexible access to care even in locations where there is no Heltti center.

Assessment of healthcare needs - what is it all about?

When your employee contacts Heltti via the HelttiLine phone service or the HelttiChat feature in MyHeltti, they are immediately connected to an experienced nurse or occupational health nurse. The nurse always has access to an on-call doctor. The nurses assess the employee’s situation comprehensively, provide advice, and propose an individualized treatment plan or guide them to an optimized care path. If necessary, the nurse also consults other occupational health professionals and experts.

Thus, the assessment of healthcare is the fastest way to receive the appropriate care. Over 40% of contacts are resolved during this initial contact, allowing employees to easily and quickly access the help they need, while avoiding unnecessary visits.


Remote service enables fast assistance for your employee – 40% of all needs are resolved during the first contact.

“I can always reach Heltti quickly and effortlessly. I am listened to, solutions are sought efficiently, and my overall health is taken care of comprehensively and proactively. Everyone is really nice. Without a doubt, it’s been the best experience I’ve had with a private healthcare center.”

50% of calls are answered within 20 seconds – in the chat, a nurse typically responds within 3 minutes.

“Quick response in the chat and fast prescription through contacting the doctor. I can’t think of anything that could have been done better.”

Optimizing the care pathway is an act of responsibility: avoiding unnecessary visits – ensuring fast access to treatment.

“I contacted through the chat and the nurse urged me and booked an appointment with the doctor. What seemed like muscle pain in my leg turned out to be a blockage, even though there were no typical symptoms. I was able to undergo tests on the same day and started medication. A huge thank you for getting me to see a doctor!”


What are the benefits of Heltti's healthcare partner network?

Over 80 medical clinics throughout Finland are available to you in addition to Heltti's services.

Work no longer considers time or place. That’s why, in addition to Heltti’s services, you have access to our partners’ over 80 medical clinics throughout Finland, such as Aava and Mehiläinen. This ensures that you receive treatment as quickly as possible, even outside of Heltti’s opening hours and in locations where we do not have our own facilities.

Our collaboration with our partners is seamless: information (referrals, visit feedback, and billing) is transferred electronically between us. This enables our members to have a smooth experience, regardless of whether the matter is handled at Heltti or our partner’s clinic.

Regardless of whether your employees visit Heltti or our partners, we at Heltti always maintain the responsibility for treatment and managing work-related matters.

Frequently asked questions
About Heltti's healthcare

How fast can an employee in visit the doctor if needed?

For acute matters, you will be seen no later than the next business day. However, the nurse always assesses the situation comprehensively and guides the treatment accordingly.

Do you have traditional appointments at all?

Yes, it is possible to visit us for in-person appointments whenever it is medically necessary.

Heltti has its own occupational health centers called Helttilät located in Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Turku, and Oulu. In addition, our partner network throughout Finland enables quick access to appointments regardless of time and location.

Appointment booking always takes place through our care needs assessment by calling HelttiLine or sending a message via LiveChat.

How are Heltti's clinics open? What if I need care in the evening or on weekends?

Heltti’s clinics are open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm by appointment. If there is a need for a general practitioner appointment outside of these hours, we utilize our partner network.

For remote healthcare services, Heltti offers telemedicine through HelttiLine from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 9 pm, and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm.

What does general practitioner-level healthcare include in practice?

General practitioner-level healthcare includes appointments with both a nurse and a general practitioner, including examinations.

We also provide many services remotely, so it may not always be necessary to come in person. Remote healthcare saves your employees time and effort, and it also lowers the threshold for contacting us at an early stage of health and well-being challenges.

General practitioner-level healthcare includes comprehensive investigations, such as laboratory tests and imaging services.

Specialist services can complement general practitioner-level healthcare either through Heltti or through insurance coverage.

Can I add specialized healthcare or insurance to the contract? What if specialized healthcare is not included in the contract, how can an employee seek treatment then?

It is also possible to add specialized healthcare services to Heltti’s agreement. The services can be limited, for example, to a few visits if desired. To cover specialized healthcare, any health insurance policy that includes coverage for medical expenses can be taken. In this case, we guide the employee from Heltti to specialized healthcare within the scope of the insurance.

If a member has a need for a specialist doctor and it is not covered by the occupational health agreement, we can provide a referral to the public healthcare system for specialized care, or the member can independently seek services from a chosen healthcare provider at their own expense.

How do you track sick leaves?

The monitoring of sick leaves is agreed upon during the workplace assessment.

You will receive a report as agreed upon for the sick leaves recorded by us. Additionally, we would appreciate being informed about any self-reported sick leaves, which can be done using the dedicated tool in the MyHeltti service. Having a comprehensive overview of all absences allows us to proactively provide support, especially in cases where potential work capacity risks are identified.

Can the employer know the reason for sick leaves?

The employer is allowed to process information related to an employee’s health, for example, to provide sick pay or to ascertain if there is a justified reason for the absence from work. Therefore, the employer can process information related to the employee’s health when the employee provides a medical certificate as proof of the reason for their absence. Only those individuals who need to process this health-related information are permitted to do so.

Questions about remote care and
And the assessment of the need for treatment

What is meant by a need for treatment assessment? What can be addressed through this assessment?

A need for care assessment refers to Heltti’s service desk, which can be accessed through HelttiLine or HelttiChat.

Experienced nurses staff the service desk and assess members’ symptoms and concerns related to their health.

During the assessment, the nurse, together with the member, considers an appropriate treatment plan that takes into account the overall picture of the member’s health at that particular moment.

The nurses have the opportunity to consult with doctors and physiotherapists, and often, issues can be resolved during the first remote call without the need for an in-person doctor’s visit.

This remote approach often works well for short sick leaves, treatment instructions and prescriptions for colds and stomach ailments, prescription renewals, eye infections, skin rashes, allergies, appointment bookings, and rescheduling or converting appointments to remote sessions.

How quickly are the responses provided in HelttiLine and HelttiChat?

The response times are indeed very fast: In HelttiLine, we answer 95% of calls on average in less than 10 minutes, and in HelttiChat, within 3 minutes. In case there is an unexpected high volume of inquiries, we have a callback service available, where you can set a suitable time for us to call you back. This ensures that you receive the assistance you need even during busy periods.

Is it too easy to get sick leave remotely?

Heltti’s healthcare professionals have specialized expertise in identifying the need for sick leave, even remotely. If there is a need for further examination or assessment, we always invite the member for an in-person appointment. This ensures that appropriate and thorough evaluation is conducted when necessary.

Common situations where
medical treatment is needed

Where and when can an employee receive treatment if they fall ill during a work trip or reside in a location other than where Heltti operates?

In addition to the capital region, Heltti has branches in Tampere, Turku, and Oulu. For those working, residing, or traveling in other locations, we can utilize our partner networks, such as Aava and Mehiläinen, to provide services.

However, in the event of falling ill during a work trip or leisure travel, it is advisable to primarily rely on travel insurance and to seek medical treatment within the coverage provided by the insurance.

What if I break my ankle on the ski slope or if a work-related accident occurs?

For leisure accidents, it is advisable to primarily rely on accident insurance or travel insurance, as they typically cover a wide range of expenses, including medical examinations, specialist visits, and other medical costs. If you do not have insurance, you should contact HelttiLine, and a nurse will guide you to the appropriate healthcare provider based on the situation.

In the case of a work-related accident, it is important to contact HelttiLine, where a nurse will assess the situation and guide you to the appropriate healthcare provider. This can be any nearby medical clinic in practice. It is necessary to report the work-related accident to the insurance company within 10 days of the incident. After that, you can claim the medical expenses from the insurance company according to their instructions.

What if our employee falls ill while abroad?

If the situation or seeking medical care abroad raises concerns, the employee can call Heltti, where experienced nurses can assess the situation.

If the condition can be managed remotely, it can be addressed during the same phone call. If there is a need for an in-person doctor’s visit, it can be arranged through the travel insurance at a local medical clinic.

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