Group-based mental well-being and mental health services for workplaces.

Small-group services supporting resilience and mental well-being in various situations.

Group-based formats for promoting mental well-being and supporting mental health have been proven to be effective. In addition to individuals addressing their own situations, they also benefit from peer support and shared experiences. When facilitated by an experienced leader, group work provides support, learning, and practical strategies for everyday life. Research shows that group therapy is equally effective as individual therapy and, in some cases, even more successful.

Heltti’s individual-based mental well-being, resilience, and work capacity support services offer group-based peer support for various situations, regardless of one’s mental state. These group services are provided by experienced psychologists, occupational health psychologists, and organizational psychologists.

Working in peer groups is cost-effective for employers and impactful for individuals.

Heltti’s group-based mental services are designed to effectively and sustainably support employees in various situations. These services are provided by experienced psychologists, organizational psychologists, and occupational health psychologists who specialize in group work.

Here are introductions to some of our most popular group-based mental services:

  • Managing your mind : A training program suitable for the entire staff, focusing on personal mental well-being and self-leadership.
  • A Balance Group : Designed for individuals facing challenges related to stress and work capacity, addressing resilience and well-being.
  • Sleep Groups : Providing assistance for working-age individuals experiencing sleep-related challenges.

Suitable for: the entire staff

A coaching for the telf-leadership of the mind

Introductory lecture and 4x2-hour coaching sessions. Coached by Antti-Juhani Wihuri.

What: The work environment for knowledge workers is becoming increasingly demanding. Information overload, constant interruptions, and multi-channel communication pose challenges to focus, well-being, and success at work more than ever before. Especially the prerequisites for skilled thinking and emotionally intelligent collaboration are at risk. An organization-wide self-leadership training program is a targeted response to these challenges.


  • The training combines best practices in self-leadership, cognitive ergonomics that support knowledge work, and mindfulness practice.
  • Measurable impact: Participants reported increased focus and improved performance under pressure. One of the most significant changes in their daily lives was having more time for thinking and prioritising work tasks.

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Suitable for: those suffering from sleep challenges

Sleep groups

What: Insomnia among working-age individuals has increased, with stress easily affecting sleep, as reflected in statistics and visits to occupational health services. Overwhelming life circumstances, job demands, addictive smart devices, and concerning world events can have a significant impact on sleep for some of us, particularly those engaged in knowledge work. Heltti’s Sleep Groups have been popular support programs for years, especially among knowledge workers.


  • Offering Sleep Groups to employees is popular because improved sleep directly translates into enhanced performance, problem-solving abilities, and increased productivity.
  • Non-medication-based psychological methods have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of chronic insomnia. Among the most researched and effective approaches is cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, which forms the basis for Heltti’s Sleep Groups.

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Suitable for: those facing challenges with resilience and experiencing overload.

Balance Groups for the overloaded

Effective groups led by psychologists and organisational psychologists addressing challenges related to well-being and work capacity.

What: The Balance Group is specifically designed to address challenges related to work capacity and well-being. It is a group-based preventive service for individuals who have experienced difficulties with their resilience. The group can consist of employees from different parts of the organisation or an existing team.


  • The goal is to break the cycle of overwhelm and prevent the prolonged or deepening state of stress by providing tools for sustainable renewal of thinking and behavioral patterns.
  • Provides a deep understanding of one’s own stress response and patterns that undermine well-being. Helps identify more sustainable approaches that lead to a healthier daily life.
  • Offers participants the opportunity for self-reflection and strengthens active agency in matters related to work-life balance.

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Explore individual services also

Heltti's mental services are designed to provide your employees with the right kind of support at the right time, regardless of their mental state.

Mental Annual Check-up

Health check-ups measuring physical well-being are popular in workplaces. However, in knowledge work, the mind is under the most strain. Heltti’s Mental Annual Check-up is a service suitable for every employee, incorporating artificial intelligence and discussions with psychologists to support individual mental well-being.


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Mental health maintenance

Mental health maintenance is a service provided by a psychologist, offering 1-3 sessions of counseling. The goal is to provide quick and easy access to psychologist support with a low threshold. The sessions can be conducted remotely, at Heltti’s clinics, or directly at the workplace. As an employer, you determine the number of sessions per employee per year.


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Short-term Therapy

Short-term therapy is a proven and supportive treatment approach when an employee is experiencing symptoms and/or their work ability is at risk due to mental well-being challenges such as burnout, life crises, or anxiety. Typically, around 5% of your workforce would be referred to short-term therapy. All of our short-term therapists are psychologists.

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Do you want to gain an overall picture of your employees' well-being at work?

A resource assessment and development plan is a cost-effective way to assess the current state and focus on improvement.

The service assesses employees’ well-being at work from the perspectives of values, attitudes, skills, and strengths. It brings to light the resources and areas for development for sustainable growth. By better understanding individuals’ resources, you can more effectively direct organizational development efforts.

The service includes: a survey for the entire organization and interviews with key personnel. The development plan is built together in a workshop moderated by Heltti. The assessment can also be used in the future to evaluate the implementation of development measures.

Starting at €4,500 + VAT, the service includes the staff survey, interviews with key personnel, analysis and summary of results, a workshop for the development plan, and the development plan itself.

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