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Heltti | 8.10.2020

Frequently asked questions about coronavirus

Daily, Heltti’s healthcare specialists meet Heltti members in HelttiLinja and in LiveChat, who have questions about coronavirus. Questions themes include mainly coronavirus testing and coronavirus exposes. We compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about coronavirus in the blog.

When should I apply for a test?

Apply for a corona test if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection. These symptoms include:

  • fever
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle aches
  • fatigue
  • cold
  • sore throat
  • nausea
  • diarrhea

Currently, according to THL’s guidelines, asymptomatic people are not tested. Even if you are or suspect that you have been exposed, you do not need to apply for the test. A negative test does not break the quarantine and does not rule out coronavirus infection. The disease may still be in the germination phase, in which case it may not show up in the test.

What to do when the corona test is negative, but I still have symptoms?

In the case of a negative test result, you may return to the workplace if you feel well, as long as the symptoms have significantly improved. If you have symptoms of diarrhea, you should be at home for one asymptomatic day before returning to work. During this waiting period, remote working is okay if the nature of the work allows it. Even after recovery from an upper respiratory infection, there may be occasional mild irritation cough or runny nose for a few weeks, which may not be a barrier to returning to work. It is essential that you feel clearly cured and that no new symptoms have clearly emerged.

How do I act when waiting for the coronavirus test result?

While awaiting the results of a coronavirus test, you must maintain quarantine-like conditions. Therefore, you should behave as if you had a coronavirus infection.

Do I need to go to the coronavirus test if my family member is tested negative?

If children and adults in the same family have got ill at the same time, and the adults’ tests are negative, the children do not need to be tested. If only children have symptoms, it is enough to test only one child. However, youths and adults with symptoms should always go to the test, even if the child’s test result is negative.

If I have exposed to coronavirus, and I have no symptoms, do I have to go to the test?

No, unless your hometown’s responsible infectious physician orders so in a stage of mapping the infection chain. A negative test does not cut off the quarantine and does not exclude coronavirus infection. The disease may still be in the germination phase, in which case it may not show up in the corona test.

I have minor flu symptoms, should I apply for a test?

Yes. While waiting for the result, you should always stay in a self-quarantine. Remember to use a face mask when you go to a corona test.


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