Executive Team Development

As organizations go through changes in order to succeed and grow, executive teams need to grow simultaneously. But the renewal of critical thinking models and operating methods in terms of business development does not happen automatically. It requires a dialogical way of development, where current ways of thinking and ways of operating are being disrupted together.

Ensure the renewal of the Executive team’s business-critical operations.


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Business life is changing - Executive teams face new challenges

The ability to understand the big picture no matter how complicated, the ability for broad-based thinking that enables the creation of future scenarios, a persuasive approach and effective recovery are skills and assets that are highly valued in this time.In order for those goals to be realized, it requires a shared, inspiring will from the management team, as well as a strong atmosphere of psychological safety and mutual trust, which are also reflected in the rest of the organization.



Creating new ways of thinking and operating

Heltti’s experts, who specialize in the improvement and development of management and executive teams, work together with your organization’s management team. We create new thinking and operating methods and help strengthen the management team’s mutual trust and teamwork and the establishment of new practices. The strengthening of the mutual trust of the management team enables constructive innovative thinking and challenging the business, as well as more effective management of the business.We combine the management team’s systemic review into a larger whole, and we invest in the individual growth of each member of the management team.


Dialogic, flexibly planned work

Johtoryhmän kehittäminen alkaa jokaisen johtoryhmän jäsenen haastattelulla. Tarvittaessa voidaan hyödyntää myös työpersoonallisuuskartoituksia. Varsinainen työskentely tapahtuu työpajoissa dialogisesti ja työskentelyä joustavasti tarpeiden mukaan suunnaten. Työpajojen sisällöt suunnitellaan yhdessä johtoryhmän vetäjän kanssa. Prosessin alussa sovitaan vaikuttavuusmittarit, ja vaikuttavuutta seurataan sovitusti. Johtoryhmän kehitysprosessi kestää tyypillisesti noin 6 kk ja työpajoja on 4-6 kertaa. 


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“I’m incredibly proud of all of us – we really got a lot done. Together we were able to build an atmosphere of trust, openness, where it was easy for us to handle things. My own inner energy is now also at a better level thanks to the reforms of this process. The benefits of the development process for us were e.g. the following: the systematicity and focus of our work has strengthened, through the renewal we also made better use of our differences with the whole organization in mind. As a management team, we understand and know each other better now and are so-called on the same page.”



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