"We have succeeded when you trust us
with keys to your office"

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Improving the capacity and wellbeing of your personnel
doesn’t happen overnight or with single projects.
A change in the culture and ways of work and life need support
over a long period of time on all levels
(top management, superiors and personnel).

We at Heltti want to be part of your HR team and company!

We work regularly at your premises and communicate actively
to provide the best possible support to your HR team,
management and superiors. We have your back in both daily work
as well as implementing strategic wellbeing.


We collect feedback on a daily basis and actively develop our services
with our customers and members. We want your experience to be superior.

“Heltti is an integral part of our organization, an important support pillar and safety network. It’s easy to seek for advice and help in all health matters”

– Karoliina Lehtonen, Hellon

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“It’s been a pleasant surprise for our employees that occupational health is now more present in their everyday lives. “

– Nina Uhlenius, Gapps

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“Our people have been very happy with MyHeltti and how easily the Heltti team is available.”

– Tuomas Nuotio, NHG

“Heltti’s ideology of keeping people healthy fits our values. They are agile and flexible in their work.”

– Terhi Norokorpi, Holvi

“Our cooperation has been more extensive than just taking care of single staff members.”

– Sanni Moilanen, Tori

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A customer experience after my own heart! A modern customer experience online and face-to-face. Heltti clinics and the reception are simply amazing - unless you prefer the more traditional hospital-esque atmosphere :)

Everything went fine, only a slight delay :). Doctor really listened and took her time, which is much appreciated.

Heltti’s customer service is in a league of its own. Never though going to the doctor’s could be this pleasant. The clinic is very homy and people are treated as people.

Good online service, very welcoming at the location, nice coffee ;). Friendly.

A friendly atmosphere and staff. I always feel welcome: they take me seriously and are genuinely interested in my wellbeing. The doctor is always very thorough and super professional. I love it here!

I love the friendly encounters and their preventive approach to healthcare as well as how the clinics are designed. The Heltti staff is always very professional and calm, even when the schedule is tight.

Excellent service and all scenarios are considered with proper precautions.

The service is always top-notch, happy and effective!

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