Community-driven management

Forget individual self-direction – collaborative teamwork is the road to success

Community-driven organization – what does it mean?

Self-direction at work is a “myth of our time“. As humans, we need chances to reflect, to get support, and to share the responsibility of decision-making with teams and work communities. Many organizations are willing to let go and to dismantle the idea of self-direction and focus on making their organizations more community-driven. In community-driven organizations everyone is involved in decision making and process coordination.

How does your organizational structure and everyday operating methods support community driven decision making?

Let’s work on building community-driven organizations — together 


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Community management is not as simple as one might think

Community-driven organizational model strengthens personnel’s motivation and the experience of ownership by increasing the development and decision-making carried out by the workers.

Organizations usually want to become more community-driven when they…

  • need more agile problem-solving ability
  • want to facilitate decision making
  • need mutual operation models to make everyday actions enjoyable
  • want to increase the ability to create new operational models
  • want to ensure the development of operations


Why many organizations need support with becoming more community-driven?

When organizations decide to become more community-driven, the transformation does not happen overnight.
We here at Heltti are at your service by assigning one of our professionals to guide you through the process. By transforming and enhancing different operations, structures and roles we support the entire organization,– but we also want to help individual employees and teams to improve and to adapt to all these changes.

How does an organization become community-driven?

  • Create a mutually agreed upon an documented operational model including de-centralized decision making, roles, and responsibilities
  • Create an operational culture that everyone agrees on
  • Identify the competence and skills of the personnel that need to be developed in order for everyone to operate successfully in a low-hierarchy organization


How we're supporting your organization on this journey?

Our goal is to create concrete changes and bring clarity to the everyday operations of your organization.
The duration of this process varies depending on the size and current state of your organization. 

The project can be divided into 4 parts:

  1. We’ll identify the current state of your organization by conducting interviews and brainstorming sessions.
  2. By figuring out the strenghts and areas of development, we can also identify the pain points and create an action plan for achieving our goals.
  3. To get the personnell adjusted to the changes, we are helding group coaching sessions. The content of these coaching sessions is planned and produced by keeping your organizations needs in mind (= emotional skills, dialog and discussion skills, conflict resolving). 
  4. On top of this, we will build an assessment model for monitoring the development of the “co-maneuverability” together. 

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“Corporate culture is a huge abstract entity, an amoeba, which can sometimes be difficult to grasp. At Lindström, we decided to stick to one corner of the company culture, which is the change in daily small everyday things and doings. Through this, we thought that the development of the organizational culture would become a personal and important issue for everyone. The collaboration between Helt’s corporate culture experts and us Lindström people was inspiring!”>-HR Manager Sami Laine, Lindström Finland


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