Coaching for supervisors

Well-being supervisors lead well-being teams.

Heltti’s Leadership Coaching Programs, Mindy Well-being Packages for supervisors, and Work Capacity Management Coaching for supervisors strengthen leadership skills, offer support in various daily situations, and help supervisors manage their roles effectively.

We provide the opportunity for a deep examination of the mechanisms guiding your actions, expanding essential self-awareness in leadership, and making sustainable changes to your thinking and behaviors.

Heltti as a partner in leadership development

The coaches are experts specialized in leadership and organizational psychology, focusing on renewing mindset and approaches: our experienced organizational psychologists and certified business coaches.

The emphasis, methods, and duration of leadership development programs for managers are tailored according to your organization’s needs. These programs can be conducted for groups of various sizes, using remote, on-site, and hybrid approaches.

Leadership development programs that support managers’ well-being:

  • Leadership Growth Programs
  • Mindy Mental Well-being for Managers
  • Work Ability Management Assessment and Development

Leadership growth programs

Skills to lead individuals and communities

Our popular Leadership Growth Programs aim for sustainable renewal of thinking and actions. The programs are designed based on the organization’s strategy and how evolving leadership achieves strategic objectives. These growth programs are suitable for various leadership roles.

We enhance the abilities to lead individuals and communities:

  • Our approach is systemic
  • Leadership and leadership services must evolve at all levels – from team leaders to CEOs, we all need reflection and coaching, especially now
  • To balance the challenges and demands of expert work, there should be room for self-reflection and support    Learn more about the program

Mindy mindcare for supervisors

Effective role management creates well-being

To ensure the development of leadership skills and well-being for supervisors, it is important to provide personalized coaching where supervisors learn to recognize their own thought and behavior patterns under the guidance of an experienced organizational psychologist.

Mindy Supervisor Support Coaching packages are built around key leadership skills. However, what’s common to each coaching is that supervisors will:

1. Gain researched knowledge about modern leadership and leadership phenomena.

2. Understand how to influence these phenomena.

3. Have a space to reflect on their actions and their impact.

Mindy Supervisor Support Coaching enhances leadership skills, supports supervisor well-being, and provides insights into the factors affecting supervisors’ work.

Explore Mindy Supervisor Support Coaching


Work capacity management coaching for supervisors

Work capacity management involves all employees in an organization.

Supervisors are key figures in the success and implementation of work capacity management. Work capacity is influenced by effective everyday work and people management. The purpose of the training is to inspire, encourage, and engage supervisors in work capacity management, while enhancing their skills and competencies in this field.

Effective work capacity management requires clear models, goal-oriented actions, change management, and the ability to measure impact. Modern work capacity management is proactive, setting conditions for analytics related to work capacity and well-being, and utilizing various data points.

Learn more about work capacity management.


Leadership current state assessment and development plan

Do you know how your leadership culture is manifested in everyday choices?

By examining the current state of leadership, you can effectively target leadership development. The assessment of the current state of leadership and the development plan helps understand the strengths of leadership and the opportunities for improvement. This assessment can also be used in the future to evaluate the implementation of development measures.

The assessment of the current state includes a survey for the entire organization and interviews with key personnel. The development plan is built in a workshop moderated by Heltti and led by an experienced organizational psychologist. Leadership is examined in the assessment from the perspectives of employees’ experiences, leadership structures, and self-assessments of supervisors.

Starting from €4500 + VAT, the price includes the survey, interviews with key personnel, results analysis, a workshop, and a development plan.

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