Heltti | 30.11.2020

When a dear elderly is feeling well, so are the relatives

It is more and more common that working aged people are stressed and worried about their elderly loved ones. As people get older they usually exercise less, stay inside, have problems with memory and family members struggle to make time to help or take care of their elderly family members. Most of them also have problems with technology or feel lonely. Gubbe survey to customers shows that the elderly persons relatives have bad conscience and feel stressed about their elderly relative. 17% of them report that it affects their ability to work. Quarter of them answered that taking care of their relative is physically hard and takes too much time.

Corona has even lowered the amount of physical activity. Small amount of activity affects rapidly physical and mental performance. According to FinTerveys-2017 -study every other over 75-year old has difficulties to move outside of their homes, and inside homes they struggle to stand up or walk the stairs. Elderly people lose 25% of their muscle strength in one week if they are forced to stay in bed so it has been a really disastrous year since many of them are forced to stay home. The problems in everyday activity are often caused by poor balance or muscle strength in the lower limbs. Good lower limb strength increases safety and makes it easier to get up from a chair and walk up stairs, among other things. Locking in home is also often a serious factor affecting mental health when the number of social contacts drops. Social contacts are difficult to maintain virtually because of average weak technological skills.

Gubbe is a modern elderly service that keeps elderly people active and takes care of the whole family. Service ensures that elderly people live their best life mentally and physically by maximizing their activity levels and quality of life. Gubbe visits the elderly on a weekly basis to help with different tasks like household activities and staying active. Numerous studies show how similar services positively affected elderly people. It is normal that a person that could not stand up from their kitchen chair without help, now runs around the woods to collect mushrooms and berries. One study also showed how a service like Gubbe made them use less other health services.

Gubbe’s own study has shown that customers’ activity level during the service has risen 89%, 60% of the customers go out more often and quality of life has risen fast. Loneliness -levels have also gone down and the improvement in the quality of life has also been significant.

Every elderly gets a Gubbe of their own who is always the same person. Gubbe also takes really good care of the elderly people’s relatives. Gubbe visits the elderly once a week for 2 hours and after each visit, family receives a report email to stay tuned how their relative is doing and get peace of mind when they hear the elderly has exercised and had a nice chat with their own lovely Gubbe. On the basis of a survey, relatives quality of life and ability to work have risen during the service significantly. Now Heltti members are able to pilot Gubbe-service for free for first month. Gubbe is the best service for your elderly loved one – personal trainer for elderly people!

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As a member of Heltti, you have an excellent chance to try out the Gubbe service for free for one month (you save 304 €). No obligation to commit at any point. Read more and get to know to the redemption instructions for the benefit in MyHeltti