Heltti | 11.9.2020

Wellbeing from nature – With responsible equipment

If you want to go to the forest now, you are guaranteed to be surprised. Exercising in nature has many positive effects on both the mind and the body. When the outdoor equipment is also in order, you can focus on enjoying nature.

The health effects of exercising in nature have been realized, especially in Japan’s busy big cities. Doctors have even prescribed forest baths (shinrin-yoku) for a treatment to work-related stress. A forest bath means basically moving around in the woods for example 20 minutes a day. Even in larger cities in Finland the forest is not far away, but unnecessarily few of us unnecessarily rarely enjoys these territories.

The scientific review article (2017) researched the health effects of forests. Studies have shown that a forest bath lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body and has also given excellent results in the treatment of depression, anxiety and sleep problems. Mental stress also effects on the body, and these effects are also related to positive effects on the cardiovascular system and a reduction in the risk of its diseases. These effects studied included a decrease in blood pressure, a decrease in heart rate, and an increase in heart rate variability (HRV).

Forest bath also had positive effects on blood sugar levels and adults diabetes, autonomic nervous system, functions of central nervous system, and general health. Exercise largely has these same positive effects on the body and mind, but forest as an environment seems to amplify these effects.

Responsible equipment

You don’t necessarily need special equipment to move in nature and smaller trips can be done in everyday clothes. On the other hand, in Finland’s typically varied weather, it is certainly more enjoyable to move outside when the equipment is suitable for a diverse climate. For example, wind and rainproof jacket and pants increase the comfort and allow you to enjoy nature all year round.

Depending on the temperature, you can wear middle-layer clothes made of different natural or recycled materials. Owning clothes suitable for layering allows you to find suitable equipment for any weather. Merino wool layers and, as the latest material, wood-based Tencel, are growing their popularity among outdoor enthusiasts. The breathability, comfort and post-life recyclability of natural materials make them popular options. On the other hand, technical sportswear made from recycled material saves natural resources at the manufacturing stage and is sustainable in active use.

Versatility, longevity and the ethics and ecology of the products are big interest to today’s outdoor enthusiasts. Ethical and ecological aspects have been taken into account in the manufacture of responsible outdoor and sportswear. Manufacturing transparency as well as various production certificates such as Fair Wear verify the ethics of manufacturing of product. From an ecological point of view, the focus is on the environmental friendliness of materials and manufacturing. Fortunately, the selection of responsible outdoor clothing has improved in recent years, and today the Finnish online store Weekendbee makes it especially easy to find them, as their selection contains only responsibly produced sports and outdoor clothing.

Who wouldn’t already want to enjoy more of nature? It is good to remember that nature trails are surprisingly close. In the autumn, there is a great time to get to know them and maybe this year the fall trip would happen! But with what equipment you go in to the wild?

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