Heltti | 3.10.2022

Press release: Heltti opens its doors to private customers – new therapy offices in Vaasa and Helsinki

You can get to therapy! We open our doors to private customers – new therapy offices in Vaasa and expansions in the Helsinki main offices.

While Heltti used to offer services only to organizations and their employees, it now expands its operations to therapy services for private customers all over Finland. High quality short-term therapy and psychotherapy is offered both virtually and in person. “In Finland, there’s a lot of talk of a therapist shortage and not having access to therapy. This isn’t true,” writes Katri Kanninen, Doctor of Psychology, psychologist, trainer psychotherapist, from Heltti.

“The therapy system in Finland relies on psychotherapy, which is the biggest and heaviest of all tools. Psychotherapy is seen as the solution for large masses of people, all of whom have different kinds of challenges with their mental health. At the same time, psychotherapy training is a long and expensive process, which also requires an appropriate basic education. That’s why there is and always will be a limited number of psychotherapists. When we talk about a therapist shortage, we mean the challenges in access to psychotherapy – not therapy,” Katri Kanninen, Doctor of Psychology, psychologist, trainer psychotherapist, from Heltti. summarizes.

“Now, the important thing is to broaden the understanding of individuals, decision makers and healthcare professionals on what kind of therapy is needed in each situation. The story of Goldilocks is a good analogy. Goldilocks finds herself in the bears’ home testing chairs, porridges and beds. One of them is too big, another too hard or too hot. Until she finally finds just the right one.

This also applies to therapy. The difficulty level of the problem or challenge is integral to choosing the right kind of help. We don’t always need the biggest and heaviest tools, when a more suitable tool may be close and easily available.”

Three notes on the therapist shortage:

  • The most effective solution to the shortage is directing people to the right kind of support. When we have physical symptoms, we don’t start by seeing an orthopedist or a specialist. This also applies to mental health challenges.
  • When it comes to the availability of psychotherapy, the goal should be to have enough psychotherapists to cover the needs of those in need of the biggest and heaviest tool.
  • Most mental health challenges can be solved with, for example, short-term therapy, which has been proven effective. The availability of brief therapy is good.


Heltti opens new therapy offices in Vaasa and expands their operation in the EmoHelttilä main offices

“Last year, we merged with Shortum, which consists of top experts in therapy. Now they offer brief therapy and psychotherapy under the Heltti brand,” says Timo, the CEO of Heltti.

“We also just opened offices in Vaasa and made major expansions to the EmoHelttilä premises in the Helsinki city centre. The expansion is meant solely for our therapy customers,” Timo continues. 

  • Heltti offers short-term therapy and psychotherapy in Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Spanish 
  • Short-term therapy and psychotherapy are available to both private and business customers
  • In addition, Heltti is a pioneer in the field of leadership therapy, which is available to both private and business customers

Appointments for short-term therapy and psychotherapy can be made via online booking.


Short-term therapy requires special skills from those offering it – quality assurance is important

Short-term therapy requires a lot from the professional offering it. Therapy being short-term does not equal to it being light or shallow – quite the opposite. Unlike the title of psychotherapist, short-term therapist is not an occupational title protected by Valvira. This means that at the moment anyone in Finland can say they are a short therapist. This in no way makes it easy for the customer.

It goes without saying that a person seeking help is entitled to high quality service. They need a mental health expert with a deep knowledge and experience of the human mind, mental health and therapeutic processes. 

“Here at Heltti, our short-term therapists are trained psychologists, for example. They have also had extensive training in the working methods of short-term therapy, and their work is monitored regularly. This way we ensure high quality customer service,” says trainer psychotherapist Katri Kanninen.

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Heltti as a company

Heltti helps people and workplaces feel better

Heltti is a Finnish company specializing in the well-being of people and workplaces. Its services include extensive mental health and mental well-being support services for individuals and companies, occupational healthcare specializing in information-intensive workplaces, and organizational and leadership development services. In addition, Shortum, which is a part of Heltti, offers continuing training in brief therapy skills for healthcare professionals. 

With the services of Heltti, leaders, HR, supervisors and information workers feel better and become more productive – both as organizations and individuals.