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Heltti | 22.10.2020

Mars kaamos! step campaign

Mornings and evenings get darker, leaves fall from the trees and polar night’s tiredness takes over the Finnish peoples mind and body. The increased remote work has reduced our steps, and this is the root cause of many problems. Everyone’s body is created to move, exercise, play, and be active. Therefore, being activite is a basics for wellbeing.

The passivating effect of remote work and polar night’s tiredness can be stopped! Now it’s time to take steps in Heltti’s Mars kaamos! step campaign! In this wellness campaign led by Heltti’s occupational physiotherapists, we challenge all knowledge workers to take more steps together by encouraging co-workers and sharing the best tips for activating everyday life.

A recommended daily goal is 10,000 steps

Steps can be taken while at a remote meeting, cleaning, walking to lunch, climbing stairs, on the way to a printer or coffee machine, gardening, shopping, walking the dog as well as by running or walking. At its best, the end result of the challenge is to find own way to get ten thousand steps a day and a habit that supports wellbeing  in everyday life.

Heltti’s support and prizes

During the three-week campaign starting on Monday 9.11., we will be sharing tips and support material for achieving the step challenge in the form of blogs, webinars and social media challenges. The material will be shared in MyHeltti, Heltti’s social media and Heltti Member Newsletters.

All companies that have signed up to the campaign will be involved to the raffle for the prizes, that are remote training by Heltti’s occupational physiotherapists, and three participation fees for five people in Heltti Akatemia trainings, which the company itself can share the way it wants for its own staff.

In addition, we reward those who actively share campaign content on social media. So share a picture from the walk or take a screenshot of the day’s steps and share them with the hashtag #marskaamos, and you will be involved to the draw of the Heltti product awards!
(Note! In addition to the hashtag, check that the publication and / or profile is public to ensure participation is found)

Is your work community ready to take on the challenge?
Let’s encourage each other step by step to move!