Heltti | 28.6.2023

Heltti updated its occupational health packages for small businesses, now available online.


Small businesses are a tremendous asset in Finland and have a significant impact on our country’s economy. Over 90 percent of Finnish businesses are small enterprises with fewer than ten employees, and throughout the 2000s, most new jobs in Finland have been created within these small and medium-sized enterprises (Finnish Entrepreneurs). However, the needs of small businesses, especially regarding occupational health, often remain overshadowed by larger companies.


At Heltti, we have been working with growth-oriented knowledge-based companies for over a decade, and the majority (84%) of our clients are small businesses focused on information and knowledge work. Over the years, we have supported companies in managing work capacity and well-being, empathized with their changes, and guided them through transformations. We have helped businesses grow and thrive in their work cultures.


“For us, small businesses are key customers, and our goal is to continue providing top-notch occupational health services to them. That’s why we significantly improved our service packages during the spring, making them even more tailored to the needs of small businesses. Additionally, we took a leap into the future by making these packages available for online purchase,” says Aino Ahola, responsible for small business customer satisfaction at Heltti.


“We noticed that many small business decision-makers visit the occupational health pages even outside office hours. These are often the moments when they have the time to explore available options and make decisions about future purchases. That’s why we created an online store that allows ordering occupational health services 24/7.”


Thought workers’ only occupational health specialist – now conveniently online


Purchasing occupational health services can be a complex process for many, and the regulations associated with occupational health can be confusing. We also understand that changing occupational health providers may feel like a risky investment. In uncertain times, transparency is crucial, and that’s why we want to share some important aspects of Heltti’s occupational health.


  1. Fixed-price services provide security by enabling better planning and budgeting. This way, our customers do not have to bear the financial burden of unexpected costs. At Heltti, you always know what you are paying for.


  1. The broadest partner network in Finland ensures seamless and effortless access to care Work-life has been undergoing significant changes, and work is now often done from various locations, not just from shared offices. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can guarantee the availability of our services all over Finland, ensuring employees get the help and care they need when they need it.


  1. A shared goal drives strategic partnership. Our collaboration is based on a strong partnership where we share a common goal and ideology: with fixed prices, our aim is not to profit from people getting sick but to nurture their well-being. That’s why over 60% of our services focus on health and well-being promotion.

We help build a workplace where people can thrive, succeed in their work, and achieve results.

Whether you are a beginner, a caretaker, or a precursor – we made purchasing occupational health and choosing the right package easier.

At Heltti, we genuinely want to know our customers and offer the best possible support from the very beginning of the customer relationship. Our dream is to talk about work burnout in the past tense. Therefore, we wanted to make the process of purchasing occupational health services more straightforward and user-friendly.

“We aimed to make the procurement of occupational health services as effortless as possible, and when needed, the services can be accessed on the same day. At Heltti, your company will have the support of a personal, multidisciplinary healthcare team, standing by your side through the ups and downs of everyday life.”

– Aino Ahola / Small Business Customer Satisfaction

Each company has its unique needs concerning occupational health, and a “one size fits all” approach is not feasible. That’s why we developed three different packages, making it easy for companies to choose the one that best supports them at any given moment.

Take the test and find out which occupational health package is the best fit for your small business!

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You can explore our occupational health packages – and other options – right away in our online store for corporate customers:

Heltti’s Corporate Customer Online Store.