Anni Tuominen | 1.7.2020

Feedback about Heltti – What do our customers think of Heltti?

In the middle of coronavirus crisis, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey for our customers corporate decision-makers, in which we received feedback on our operations and services. Thank you to all of our great customers for taking the time to respond to the survey and develop Heltti! Now we want to share with you what our customers think of Heltti and what development targets are recognized.

What do our customers think of Heltti?

Why would our customers recommend Heltti and what would they tell to their colleagues about Heltti?

The top three were:

  1. HR cooperation is top notch
  2. Heltti is people-oriented, professional and digital
  3. Low-threshold support for mental well-being

HR cooperation rose as a superior number one in the responses. “The best collaboration with the subscriber company’s HR,” described one of our big client’s HR representatives. Heltti was also described as a modern, flexible, easy and comfortable partner. Good service and support for the company were emphasized. In particular, communication and support for companies during the coronavirus crisis were praised.

“We’ve saved a tremendous amount of money as absenteeism has decreased. Not to mention that employees don’t have illnesses and they stay in a positive state for more time.”

People-oriented way to work, professionalism and digitality emerged as terms describing Heltti. Heltti’s “spirit” has been strong from the beginning and it’s shown to our customers employees by caring encounters. Compared to giants, Heltti is close to humans. Reliability, professionalism, speed, comprehensive remote services and well-functioning electronic channels were emphasized.

“Thank you for the warm customer encounter right from the door.”

Low-threshold support for mental well-being was praised, especially for Heltti’s business model that guides to proactive health care. Heltti’s investments in mental well-being and workload issues were considered important. Heltti is easy to approach and help is available also in other cases than in case of illness.

What were seen as Heltti’s biggest developments and what does Heltti intend to do for them?

The most important areas for development are:

  1. HelttiView customer online portal
  2. Clarification of operating models
  3. Active support for small businesses

There were seen areas for development and needs for new functions in HelttiView customer portal . HelttiView is currently on the table of the technology team and it is being built as completely new. The first changes will be visible to our customers already during the summer, and in the autumn we will also launch completely new functions in HelttiView, including reporting and communications.

“There’s been a lot of improvement in your operations, even in just over a year! Things seem to be working. Thank you!”

There was a desire for clarification of operating models, especially with regard to medical care. We are the last six months made significant improvements to further enhance and streamline the treatment of a disease process and we will continue to partner network expansion and construction of electronic interfaces in the coming autumn. We will also invest even more in our operating models in communication.

“We feel like that even though we are a very small company, we are as important to you as everyone else.”

Companies with less than 10 employees hoped that Heltti could offer them even more active and concrete support, especially in the everyday life of an entrepreneur. Small businesses are an important target group for us, and we are developing ways to support the everyday life of a small entrepreneur more extensively in the future.

“Thanks for all the advice and ready-made instructions. Them make everyday life easier for a small business owner.”

Thank you dear customers! From here is good to continue and improve in the fall. Have a relaxing summer!

Anni Tuominen

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