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Julius Laine | 13.3.2020

Coronavirus – Heltti’s Actions for Controlling the Epidemic

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As the coronavirus epidemic COVID-19 is expanding, Heltti has decided to change its policies to control the spreading of the virus and to safeguard the continuity of health care services.

Already at the moment, Heltti resolves 75 % of health questions remotely. As from Monday 16 March 2020, we move still further to remote services, and also Heltti’s personnel will be focusing on remote work. The objective of these actions is to reduce physical contacts and travelling of Heltti’s members and health care professionals.

The changes in Heltti’s services

  • Response times can be longer
    During the past few days, we have received a lot more contacts from our members than normally. Despite our additional investments in HelttiLine and MyHeltti LiveChat, the response times may be longer than normally.

  • When to contact Heltti?
    If you suspect coronavirus infection, please take primary contact to your own public health center or Medical Helpline 116 117. If you are uncertain, you can also contact Heltti. In other health questions, you can normally contact Heltti via MyHeltti or HelttiLine.

  • More remote appointments
    We will carry out as remote appointments all occupational health negotiations, occupational health care psychologist appointments and other corresponding meetings that do not justifiably require physical meeting. If you have booked a time for physical appointment, you will receive more detailed instructions for attending remote appointment or meeting.

  • Services interrupted in Heltti Clinics in Vantaa Aviapolis and Tampere Hervanta
    Physical appointments and laboratory services are available, but for managing Heltti’s health care professionals’ exposure, we interrupt physical appointments and laboratory services in our Heltti Clinics in Vantaa Aviapolis and Tampere Hervanta  until further notice.

  • When arriving to an appointment, let us know first if you have flu symptoms
    If you have booked a physical appointment or laboratory visit and you have symptoms of flu or respiratory tract infection, please take contact to MyHeltti or HelttiLine before the appointment. We will not charge for cancellations based on sickness or flu symptoms.

  • We have boosted cleaning in our clinics
    We have boosted cleaning in our Heltti Clinics and have hand sanitizer available in connection with exits. During the epidemy, we will not be shaking hands.

The purpose of the above actions is to safeguard us all by slowing down the corona epidemy and ensuring that Heltti’s health care professionals will remain able to work and support our members in their health questions throughout the coronavirus epidemic.

How to help preventing spreading coronavirus in private life?

  • In addition to working remotely, it is recommended that people critically think about participating in hobbies and social events, where many people gather together.

  • It is specially important to safeguard elderly people, who are in special risk to become seriously ill. Therefore, THL recommends that people would not physically meet their grandparents or elderly parents but would keep contact in other ways. In addition, THL recommends that small children would not be taken to grandparents’ care.

Coronavirus – Heltti’s information and guidelines
– For Heltti members (eng)
– For Heltti customer companies (fin)

If you suspect coronavirus or have flu symptoms

The Finnish Institute for Health and Wellbeing (THL) has published guidelines, according to which, in case of upper respiratory tract infection (flu) symptoms, such as cough, myalgia or fever, people are recommended to rest at home. In case of these symptoms, there is no need to search for help at health care services and neither to call to health care telephone services. The disease is typically mild and will heal by itself. These instructions target in helping not to block health care telephone services from those in justified need of medical advice. Persons who belong to risk groups are, however, encouraged to contact health care services, if any need, to examine their situation.

If you suspect coronavirus infection, please take primary contact
to your own public health center (telephone numbers below) or Medical Helpline 116 117

Koronavirusneuvonnan puhelinnumerot kaupungeittain / Telephone numbers of coronavirus counseling

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