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Heltti | 26.6.2023

Announcement: Kati Sulin appointed as Heltti’s CEO – starts her position on 1st August 2023

In January, we announced that Heltti had entered a new phase and began the search for a new CEO. The search was conducted publicly to reach a wide range of potential candidates. Among the 100 applicants, we found the best person to lead Heltti into the next stage. That person is Kati Sulin. Kati will start her role on August 1, 2023, and at the same time, Heltti’s current CEO, Timo Lappi, will transition to the position of Chairman of the Board.


“We wanted to find a CEO who not only possessed the necessary skills but also aligned with Heltti’s values and personality. We made the CEO search public to attract various potential candidates. The combination of the public search and the executive search conducted by our partner proved effective, and we received over 100 interesting contacts from individuals who might not have otherwise come to our attention. Chief Executive Search professionals met dozens of them to get to know them better. Ultimately, Kati Sulin emerged as the top candidate with a capital ‘C'”, Timo described the CEO recruitment process.

Heltti’s new CEO, Kati Sulin, has a track record of promoting people-centric change and leveraging the potential of customer-centricity and digitalization to grow businesses. She has worked at Ifolor, DNA, Sanoma, Fazer, and most recently at Terveystalo. Kati is motivated by listening to customers, digitalization, developing corporate culture, and ensuring the well-being of multi-talented teams. With these factors, healthy business growth can be achieved.

“The pace of change in the business environment is only accelerating, and for Finnish companies to remain competitive, it is crucial that people are motivated and capable of pursuing long careers. This requires strategic investments from companies in the well-being of their experts and, thereby, productivity. I am grateful that throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to drive workplace transformation in several fantastic companies. Central to this has been the changes brought about by customer-centricity, digitalization, and hybrid work for individuals, teams, organizational culture and practices. Heltti is a dream workplace where I can continue to promote leadership in well-being, and occupational health management, alongside top-notch professionals – precisely the elements demanded by the changing nature of work and the responsible work-life,” said Kati Sulin, the incoming CEO of Heltti, starting in August.

“Kati possesses the expertise and experience in creating growth-supporting structures, developing operational management, continuous improvement, and leading other growth initiatives. Our future captain knows the best routes as we aim to continue our growth and help even more individuals and knowledge work companies thrive. I am confident that Kati is the right leader to steer the Heltti crew into the next phase of our shared company,” summed up Timo Lappi.

“Kati will assume the role of CEO from the beginning of August. As for myself, I am a candidate for the position of Chairman of Heltti’s Board. I am delighted to continue my work for the well-being and health of people in this new role. I look forward to collaborating with Kati, and I am certain that our strengths will complement each other,” Timo added.

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For more information, contact:

Timo Lappi,, 040 756 7809
Kati Sulin,, 040 5858 488

More About Heltti

Heltti is a Finnish company founded in 2013, specialized in enhancing the well-being of individuals and thought-work environments. In 2021, Heltti merged with Shortum, a pioneer in short-term therapeutic methods and a provider of therapy services. Today, Heltti offers services to workplaces and consumers. For workplaces, Heltti provides “work ability as a service” – at the core of which are expert services in work ability management, occupational health specialized in thought work, mental well-being, therapy services for workplaces, and leadership development services. For consumers, Heltti offers comprehensive therapy services and mental health services, which can be found on the website. Additionally, Heltti’s mental health professionals produce free psychoeducative content on mental health and well-being nearly every day on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. Heltti employs 200 experts from various fields; psychotherapists and professionals with a background in psychology who have trained in short-term therapy, organizational psychologists, numerous occupational health professionals ranging from doctors to occupational health nurses, occupational psychologists, physiotherapists, and registered nurses.

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