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The pandemic is slowly subsiding, and we can begin to prepare our return to the workplace. Even though many of us are excited to be going back to the office and seeing all our colleagues, the transition back to a “new normal” may not go as smoothly as we expect. It is typical that after a long period of strain and stress, when we are finally able to let out a sigh of relief, we actually end up feeling more tired than ever. Even just the fact that our routines are changed yet again might be stressful for some. That is why it is so important to plan in advance how the transition back to the workplace will be handled, and how additional support will be provided to employees.

HR and managers should now be thinking about questions such as:
  • Can we identify those individuals who are in need of support, and how can this be done before the transition phase begins?
  • How can we uplift the spirit and motivation of our staff after a long and draining pandemic?
  • What type of new best practices would we like to put in place to build an efficient hybrid model that combines the best aspects of remote and on-site work?

Knowledge work experts at your service!

Heltti’s experts are happy to spar with your company regarding these issues, and to brainstorm on how to best support your employees during the transition phase. Do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can customize the best possible solution for your company. The Back to the Workplace -service includes an initial planning meeting free of charge, after which additional modules can be added to the package based on your specific needs. Modules can also be customized for different teams.


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Back to the Workplace -service

Modules that service package can be customized

Initial planning meeting free of charge

  • Initial meeting with HR/management (1h) for identifying the company’s needs in supporting their transition back to the workplace, and discussing any possible concerns HR/management have concerning the employee welfare during this time.

Further sparring with HR/management (2 x 1 h)

  • Further discussion on what the company’s best practices are for ensuring a smooth transition back to traditional on-site work or a modified hybrid model. A possibility to receive personal work coaching, where challenging work ability cases can be discussed with a psychologist.

Stress test (KEDS)

  • Stress level evaluation is an easy way to get visibility and react to the mental wellbeing risks of your employees. The evaluation is summarized to the stress level of the workplace and employees with burnout risk are individually contacted and directed to further care.


A motivating and inspirational lecture
for the work community

  • A more resilient work community
    What have we learned from the pandemic? How have we become stronger as a work community as a result of it? What new innovations, practices and forms of interaction have we created? The lecture focuses on how a work community can become more resilient after facing a challenging experience together.


  • More motivation in your working day
    After a challenging year, it is good to pause for a moment and reflect on the best aspects of your work. What motivates me in what I do? How could I increase the sense of meaningfulness in my work? How could I inspire and uplift my colleagues? The lecture will utilize psychological tools that increase motivation and work engagement.


  • A softer start to the “new normal”
    Change can often evoke reactions that are surprising, even to ourselves. This can also happen now that we are returning to the workplace after a long period of remote work. A softer and gradual approach can help us adapt to change more effortlessly. Understanding different emotional reactions to change can help us better adapt to the new normal, and to also support our colleagues.

Training for management

  • Managing well-being during a time of change
    Returning the workplace may cause substantial stress for some employees, even though the change itself is viewed as positive. This training provides tips on how to approach employee well-being, and how to identify those employees that are in need of additional support.


  • Building a hybrid working culture
    How can a company build a hybrid working culture that is able to combine the best aspects of remote and on-site work? What is important to take into consideration with regards to internal communication in a distributed work community? This module will include training in internal communication (provided by EllunKanat).

Back to the Workplace -service

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