Once upon a time

There was a Chinese village

The compensation of ancient Chinese village doctors was based on the number of healthy citizens in the village, instead of the number of appointments, treatments and procedures. The more healthy citizens, the better it was for the doctor. The doctors’ objective was to promote citizen health, support a healthy way of life and treat sicknesses in an effective way. Heltti’s business concept is based on the same principles, flavoured with modern digital health applications.


It was about time to

Disrupt the business

”The traditional occupational health care feels extremely neolithic” says Jonne Seppä, HR director at Solita, after getting help for his acute back pain in the middle of the forest. As a Heltti Member, Seppä messaged his own health team via the Heltti.me-service. In an hour he was in the nearest pharmacy holding the medicine prescribed for him. At Heltti, 76 % of all health issues can be handled remotely with the help of our technology and digitally advanced health team.

Common incentive

To keep your employees healthy

At Heltti we want to take care of you before you become sick as a dog. Two thirds of everything we do is preventive health care. It is in the very core of our operating model to provide more healthy life years to people using Heltti’s services. By treating the flu efficiently, we are able to focus on the challenges of today’s knowledge workers. That is why every Heltti Member has her own health team consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a psychologist and a physiotherapist.

For you. From us.

More healthy years

Heltti is a Finnish occupational health care company founded in 2013. It is owned by its employees and a handful of renowned Finnish investors, such as Risto Siilasmaa. Our mission is to positively effect the lives of 500 000 people by 2020. Our aim is to develop the most lovable digital health care systems to fulfill this mission.