Health care for those who think for a living

Heltti turns
the healthcare industry
upside down






Once upon a time

Chinese village doctor

Heltti’s history and why Heltti was founded

The ancient Chinese village doctor used to charge based on the number of healthy villagers instead of based on each treatment. The healthier the villagers were, the more the doctor earned. The doctor lived among the villagers, promoting their health, encouraging to make healthy choices and nursing the sick to back to health quickly.

Heltti’s business model is based on this very philosophy. With this idea in mind, Heltti was founded in 2013.

The world has changed, the occupational health care system hasn’t

Burnout is a work
accident of today

For decades the health care system has concentrated on treating the sick and not keeping people healthy. The traditional healthcare providers have their foot on your neck: the more sick your workers are, the more they earn.

Moreover, the traditional health care system isn’t designed for today’s knowledge work where we mostly work with our heads. Work exhaustion, burnout and mental health problems are in fact the biggest reason for sickness allowances in Finland.

At Heltti we think differently.

It should be in everybody’s interest to keep your staff healthy – also the health care service provider’s. Our fixed-fee pricing and service model designed for knowledge workers are based on the premise that a healthy employee is good for you and us.


Heltti’s values and culture are unique to the industry

Heltti is 100% Finnish, owned by its employees and Finnish private investors, such as the Paulig family’s English Tearoom and First Fellow Partners by Risto Siilasmaa.

At Heltti we are

Proudly different

The best healthcare
workplace in Europe

Our goal is to become the world’s best workplace in the healthcare industry. In 2019, the Great Place to Work study confirmed that our goal is not far. Already now we are the best in Finland and Europe. From the start, we wanted to create a unique company culture – different to the traditional hierarchic healthcare industry – together with our Heltti staff.

We now have over 60 professionals from different fields and we are growing. At the moment we take care of the health and wellbeing of over 12.000 people around Finland.

Heltti Culture Book

As part of the Great Place to Work Audit, we put together a Heltti Culture Book, which describes what makes our unique culture. It was written by several Heltti employees who shared their experiences on recruiting, job orientation, our self-management-oriented organization model called ball pit, skills development as well as our principle of thanking. In addition to hard facts, the book contains a plethora of photos and fun facts. At the moment, the Heltti Culture Book is available only in Finnish.

Download Heltti Culture Book
(in Finnish)

Our values make us different

Heltti’s values are our superpowers that help us influence thousands of people in Finland.

Values are not just words that we talk about, we actually live them. For example, in job interviews, we consider whether the person has enough Lempi (Love), Hehku (Glow), Tarmo (Moxie) and the right amount of Pokka (Guts).