Heltti | 14.5.2019

How to create a great place to work?

This Is How To Create Best Workplace -Blog and webinar series

Creating a good workplace is not only fun but also beneficial to both the employer and the employee. In our webinar series we shared few reasons why:

  • Businesses that require high professionality, employers often compete on same talents. With reputation of a good workplace it’s easier to attract the best talents and recruit them.
  • For same reason, it’s easier to KEEP the best talents in a good workplace.
  • Good workplace supports commitment and inner motivation. Employees motivated from inside instead of forcing from outside, give their best and shine.
  • Employee satisfactions reflects to customer satisfaction.

”No-one is such an expert on your job than yourself”

At good workplace human psychological basic needs are fulfilled:

  • Autonomy means independence and freedom to have enough power on decision making concerning one’s own job. No-one is such an expert on your job than yourself.
  • Competence experience of know-how and getting things done. It’s frustrating and emotionally energy consuming not to be able to succeed in one’s work.
  • It’s human basic need to feel connected with others, caring and acceptance, that is called a need of relatedness
  • Benevolence, that is opportunity to do good to others, makes work meaningful and is in line with our individual values.

Recipe for creating a great place to work

So our recipe for creating a great place to work is to recognize that it’s also businesswise important to focus on these things, and then concentrate on finding structures and procedures that support the fulfillment of humans’ psychological basic needs. And no matter of which level of organizational hierarcy you’re on – these same questions are important also when tuning and crafting your own task to more motivating direction.

This was the last episode of  This Is How To Create Best Workplace -Blog and webinar series. Hopefully you have got some inspiration and new knowledge about creating a good workplace. We would be really grateful, if you could take a break to give us some feedback about webinars.

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